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Polaris Product Use Examples

The Polaris 121.5 MHz is suitable for search & rescue teams because of its mobility and software capability that allows multiple users to access the same beacon at the same time. This provides multiple opportunities for Search & Rescue teams to obtain more detailed information and ensure quicker response times. Maps and compasses are no longer required with our radio direction software system that is available for Search & Rescue crews. By using the RDF software technology, search & rescue teams can have a quicker reaction time to help find lost hikers, skiers, hunters, and more.

Polaris RDF makes the process easier for law enforcement by supplying proper RDF equipment for local County Sheriffs Departments in case of an emergency regarding civil air patrol, local squadron, or other agencies and organizations to do this work. The Polaris 121.5 MHz is programmed to assist law enforcement with their locating needs at an unsurpassed value.

We are currently working with the National Guard to assist them in the installation of Polaris RDFs in their aircrafts and helicopters. There are many ways we can assist our military with radio direction finding equipment including, but not limited to, easy access to emergency transmitters, handheld radio detection devices, and drone mounted RDFs. Improving RDF equipment can benefit the military because of the mobility and reliability to better serve military members that have activated emergency beacons.

There are many advantages to provide the government with radio direction finding equipment. RDF drones offer unique capabilities that assist government agencies and organizations to accurately locate emergency beacons from a birds-eye view. Combined with our innovative software system on our Android app, the Polaris RDF system can provide a variety of services to benefit a variety of government agencies and organizations.

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