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Intelligent RDF in Compact Android Package

The Polaris radio direction finding software is a sophisticated, field tested, and hardened device for locating potential targets utilizing radio based 121.5 and 406 emergency beacons.

No longer do search teams have to use a compass and map to determine the location of the transmitting beacon.  The software will interface with the hardware to triangulate the location of the beacon and plot the location of the target on a Google map.

Android App Subscription Keeps You Up-To-Date

The Polaris software is driven by an Android App that, once downloaded, automatically stays up to date.  The subscription based app is continuously updated with new maps, features, and technologies. Always stay up to date and ready for the next emergency. Software will interface with the equipment and interpret the signals to identify the direction of the radio source and plot the bearing and distance on a map.


  • Radio direction finding has never been easier
  • Mounts directly to handheld RDF or onto your UAV (Drone) Controller
  • Bluetooth integration with hardware for wireless interface


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