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At Polaris RDF, we strive to consistently expand our knowledge and extend our ability to create reliable radio direction finding products. This leads to continual advancements and improvements in our Android application software development and RDF devices.

Some of our new features include, but are not limited to, the development of Bluetooth integration, iOS application, and the development of the Polaris 406T. The iOS application will allow iPhone users to operate the Polaris handheld RDF and the Polaris 406T which sends out a much stronger signal.


  • Introduce Networking

Polaris RDF introduced our network capable RDF system that can accomplish the emergency tasks your government agency or organization requires.

  • Enable multi-user mode

We have enabled a multi-user mode on our Android software to allow two or more people access the same maps to increase the reaction time for a variety of government agencies and organizations.

  • Add Manual Bearings to Review Mode

There are two modes to the Hunt application. One is Hunt Mode and the other is Review Mode, which allows you to recalculate the center of the bearings and select which bearings you want in the solution. We plan to add a way to manually add a bearing if you are outside of cell coverage for those who need a radio for the coordinates.


  • Bluetooth Integration with Android application

The Bluetooth integration will serve as a voice command device that can operate the equipment with the Android application.

  • iOS Application with Bluetooth Integration.

The iOS application will allow users to operate the handheld RDF device via Bluetooth.

  • Development of Polaris 406T

Polaris 406T uses a much stronger radio frequency to locate emergency beacons to increase time effectiveness.


  • Integration of Polaris 406 MHz RDF with software.
  • Single device reading both 121.5 and 406 MHz signals.


  • We are always innovating.
  • Call 1-844-812-7393 to discuss your specific needs.
We are a radio direction finding manufacturing company with a professional and innovative approach to assist your department with its RDF needs. Please call 1-844-812-7393 to speak with an expert about any inquiry regarding our RDF products.

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Polaris RDF is a radio detection finder manufacturing company located in Dana Point, California. We offer government agencies the ability to locate emergency radio beacons quickly and easily.  Our radio directional finding technologies are tuned specifically to 121.5 and 406 MHz emergency frequencies, operate on handheld and drone devices with location mapping.  All designed to save your department time and money.

Call us at 844-812-7393 to speak with an expert about your departments emergency beacon radio detection finding needs.

Call 1-844-812-7393 to Speak with an Expert about your Department's RDF Needs