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Watch ABC Features the Polaris RDF saving a life!

What is the Airport Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Grant Program?

Under Part 139 certified Airports are eligible for various levels of funding. These funds can be used for several categories, but the most crucial is equipment that directly impacts the safety of the passengers and staff. TrueNorth Rescue is proud to be the single-source provider for the Polaris RDF which enables First Responders to reduce their response time to minutes rather than possibly hours.

What is the Polaris Hybrid RDF?

The Polaris Hybrid RDF monitors not only 406mhz but also 121.5mhz. Then it takes the location, overlays it on google maps, which allows your Emergency Responders to plot their route to the beacon location. This saves minutes or even hours in planning the route, method of rescue and any special equipment needed, staging and cantonment areas, and getting on the scene since there is no more waiting for agency coordination and distribution of information. And as you know, in this business every second is a heartbeat.

Why use the Polaris Hybrid RDF versus other technology?

The Polaris Hybrid RDF is the most effective and state-of-the-art system currently available. The reason it monitors both 121.5 and 406 is very simple. There are approximately 170,000 of the older generation 121.5 MHz ELTs in service. Unfortunately, these have proven to be highly ineffective. They have a 97% false alarm rate, activate properly in only 12% of crashes, Last for only about 24 hours, and provide no identification data. 406 MHz ELTs dramatically reduce the false alert impact on SAR resources, have a higher accident survivability success rate, and decrease the time required to reach accident victims by an average of 6 hours.

Presently, most aircraft operators are mandated to carry an ELT and have the option to choose between either a 406/121.5 MHz ELT. The Federal Aviation Administration has studied the issue of mandating carriage of 406 MHz ELTs. The study indicates that 134 extra lives and millions of dollars in SAR resources could be saved per year. No one can argue the importance of 406 MHz ELTs and the significant advantages they hold.

Due to the obvious advantages of 406 MHz beacons and the significant disadvantages to the older 121.5 MHz beacons, the InternationalCospas-Sarsat Program stopped monitoring 121.5 MHz by satellites on February 1st, 2009. All pilots are highly encouraged both by NOAA and by the FAA to consider making the switch to 406!

Either way, the Polaris Hybrid RDF has both your First Responder Teams and the customer covered

Who is TrueNorth Rescue?

We have been in the business of helping SAR Teams and First Responders save lives since 2006. It was founded by our visionary and CTO Murray Craig who himself is a commercial helicopter pilot, a former First Responder, Ground Team Leader, and Incident Commander.

We have supplied 52 agencies and countries with our technology, and are the single-source provider for this technology in the world at this time. In the information packet, I will be sending you is a list of our customers and testimonials for our equipment that has been used to save actual lives.

How do I use the Grant to get the Polaris Hybrid RDF for my facility?

Simply fill out the information below and we will email you:

  • The Grant application pre-filled out with the information needed for the Polaris Hybrid RDF
  • The Grant FAQ from the FAA
  • Information about True North Rescue and the Units and countries we support.
  • The technical and training manual for your First Responder Teams

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