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Privacy concerns remain a paramount topic across our ever-evolving digital landscape. Whether you’re connecting with friends on social media, ordering food or groceries for delivery, or browsing the web in search of information, there’s always a sense that your movements are being tracked and/or your data is being collected. 

GPS systems make it possible for radio direction finders (RDF) to provide location-based services. According to TCI International, these “radio direction-finding solutions . . . ensure success in critical safety-related applications.” This raises the question: how do companies like ours balance security and ethics in order to leverage the myriad benefits of this incredible technology?

Security and Ethics

Gone are the days when search and rescue teams must rely on maps and compasses; RDF has proven to be an incredibly useful tool—a life-saving beacon that multiple users can easily access when every second counts. 

The ongoing use of this state-of-the-art technology increases efficiency and provides impressively accurate information, but how do we balance security and ethics so everyone can reap the benefits of RDF without compromising their privacy?

The data collected by RDF can be exposed when proper access control mechanisms aren’t implemented. Defining who can access—and modify data—is imperative. Anonymization, cryptographic signatures, and regular version updates reflect robust (and necessary) security measures.

Ethics must also be taken into account when using RDF technology. Since RDF allows data from different sources to be combined, biases can potentially develop. Being aware of these potential biases, and finding ways to mitigate them, fosters a level of transparency that needs to exist in this industry. 

At Polaris RDF, we believe that customers need to know how their data is represented and used so they feel comfortable releasing that data in exchange for their safety in the event of an emergency. 

Place Your Trust in Polaris RDF

The radio direction finders that we proudly manufacture in Las Vegas, Nevada, give government agencies the ability to locate emergency radio beacons quickly and easily. For more information about our Android and iOS-compatible RDFs that operate on handheld and drone devices, complete our online submission form or call 1-844-812-7393 to speak with one of our experts at Polaris RDF.