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LAS VEGAS, NV — TrueNorth Rescue, Inc. has announced a partnership with Air Ambulance Technology to provide its Polaris IRDF 406 MHz Android Aircraft Mounted units for search and rescue helicopters in Germany. In conjunction with this deployment, the Polaris IRDF unit is now certified for mounting on Airbus aircraft globally.

The Polaris units are part of a Helicopter Emergency/Medical Services (HEMS) kit for the new fleet of Airbus H145 helicopters (see image in below PDF) purchased by the German Air Forces Search and Rescue (SAR) units.

“The addition of the Polaris technology to Germany’s Helicopter Emergency Medical Services fleet will greatly enhance the country’s ability to save lives,” said TrueNorth Chief Technology Officer Murray Craig. “Whether in North America or Europe or anywhere else around the world, speed to recovery is the name of the game and we’re thrilled that the Air Ambulance Technology team has recognized the search and rescue power of the Polaris.”

The Polaris Intelligent Radio Direction Finder combines the most advanced applications of GPS and signal processing with unprecedented frequency agility and mobility to geolocate 406 MHz emergency frequencies with up to four times greater accuracy and speed to the recovery of activated emergency beacons. The Polaris was recently used to save a lost hiker’s life (https://wlos.com/news/local/new-device-helps-first-responders-better-pinpoint-hikers-in-distress) and can be used to locate downed aircraft and lost boats as well.