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LAS VEGAS, NV — TrueNorth Rescue, Inc. has announced a partnership with award-winning contract manufacturer XLR8 Services to assemble its next-generation Polaris Radio Direction Finding (RDF) units for the search and rescue, emergency services, military and asset securities industries.

The Polaris RDF combines the most advanced applications of GPS and signal processing with unprecedented frequency agility and mobility to geolocate both 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz emergency frequencies with up to four times greater accuracy and speed to recovery of activated emergency beacons. The Polaris was recently used to save a lost hiker’s life and can be used to locate downed aircraft and lost boats as well.

“When it comes to life-saving search and rescue missions, every second is a heartbeat to the victims in need,” said TrueNorth Chief Technology Officer Murray Craig. “So it’s critically important the Polaris family of products use the highest quality parts and hold up to industry-leading standards. XLR8’s award-winning team ensures that TrueNorth will continue to lead the way in life-saving search and rescue technology for years to come.”

XLR8 is ITAR, AS9100, and ISO:13485 certified and has the capabilities to manufacture the Polaris 121.5/406 MHz RDF units as well as the 406 “Backpack” model, in addition to other military-specific units not currently available to the search and rescue community. XLR8 Services President and CEO Jason Powell agreed that “the products offered by TrueNorth are a strong fit for XLR8,” whose core competency is “speed and technology.”

“This furthers our commitment in supporting a portfolio of customers that have products that save and change lives,” Powell said.

“We are committed to developing technology that saves lives. As a result, we demand the highest quality in order to withstand the most austere conditions on earth,” said Craig. “XLR8 shares this commitment and ensures that all of our products will be made to the highest technical and durability standards while avoiding sourcing from international conflict regions.”

For more information, visit polarisrdf.com and XLR8EMS.com.

Polaris RDF is a radio detection finder offering government agencies the ability to locate emergency radio beacons quickly and easily. Their radio directional finding technologies are tuned specifically to 121.5 and 406 MHz emergency frequencies, and operate on handheld and drone devices with location mapping.