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LAS VEGAS, NV — TrueNorth Rescue, Inc., through its Australian master distributor, Criterion Solutions Pty Ltd., has entered into a deed of standing offer with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority for potential deployment by the government agency for maritime search and rescue (SAR) operations throughout Australia.

TrueNorth is the manufacturer of the Polaris Intelligent Radio Direction Finder (IRDF), a next generation SAR tool that helps rescuers with speed to recovery of emergency beacons from aircraft, watercraft or people on foot. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority is the national agency responsible for maritime safety, protection of the marine environment, and maritime and aviation search and rescue.

The Polaris Intelligent Radio Direction Finder combines the most advanced applications of GPS and signal processing with unprecedented frequency agility and mobility to geolocate 121.5MHz or 406 MHz emergency frequencies with up to four times greater accuracy and speed to recovery of activated emergency beacons. “The addition of the Polaris technology to Australia’s maritime safety authority will greatly enhance the country’s ability to save lives,” says Criterion Solutions’ General Manager, Michael Sinkowitsch. “With Australia’s vast coastline and water ways, the Polaris IRDF units can have an immediate impact on search and rescue operations.”

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